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TV White Space: Frequently Asked Questions


TV White Space

  1. Is TV white-space technology viable internationally?
    While the United States and United Kingdom are the forerunners in developing this new technology, many other countries are following their lead, and TV white space is on track for worldwide usage. For Canadian users, the UHF band includes spectrum available now for licensed use.
  2. How do I find available channels in my area?
    There are a number of free online tools designed to determine the available channels in any given area, such as Spectrum Bridge's Show My White Space and Telcordia's Contour Visualization Tool.
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  3. How do I find out if TV white space will work in my location?
    After determining the available channels in your location, a Carlson sales engineer can perform a detailed propagation study, which will provide you with an approximation of the coverage, range, and signal strength you can expect from the RuralConnect.
  4. How does UHF compare to VHF?
    VHF spectrum offers better ground coverage, but reflection can occur when going between objects separated by distances smaller than its wavelength. UHF's higher throughput and superior coverage in wooded areas make it the ideal choice for rural broadband.

The RuralConnect

Technical Specifications

  1. What is the effective range in a non-line-of-sight (NLOS) application?
    While the range will vary depending upon the terrain and obstacles in each individual location, users can typically expect an area of high throughput extending 3-7 miles from the base station.
  2. What is the effective throughput in a non-line-of-sight (NLOS) environment?
    The throughput will vary depending on terrain, obstacles, number of client stations, and other factors. The RuralConnect supports a throughput of up to 12.3 Mb/s (16.8 Mb/s OTA).
  3. How many clients are possible per base station?
    The amount of clients connected to the RuralConnect access point is greatly dependent on the application. For rural broadband service with 4 Mbps down and 1.5 Mbps we suggest a maximum of 10 to 12 clients. For a telemetry application such as oil and gas wellhead data, 30 to 40 client units can be utilized.
  4. Can RuralConnect be used with sector antennas?
    Yes, the RuralConnect can be used with both omnidirectional and sector antennas.
  5. Is the RuralConnect equipped with PoE capabilities?
  6. What frequencies does the RuralConnect use?
    The RuralConnect is compatible with the UHF frequency band, which runs from 470 MHz to 786 MHz.
  7. Is channel aggregation or channel bonding a possibility with the RuralConnect?
    Channel bonding is not currently possible with the RuralConnect, although this feature is planned for development in the near future.
  8. Does the RuralConnect work with mobile or nomadic CPEs?
    Currently the RuralConnect is a fixed device only, which means nomadic CPEs are supported. Mobile CPEs are not yet possible with the RuralConnect.
  9. Can the RuralConnect be used with third-party management software?
    Yes. An API will be made available in the future for third-party software development.


  1. Is the RuralConnect interoperable with future equipment?
    Yes, the RuralConnect is compatible with all current and future equipment sharing the same common technology standard.
  2. How does the RuralConnect interact with TVWS geolocation databases?
    Geolocation databases track which channels are available in each geographic region. To learn more about the specifics of device-database connections, watch our demonstration video.
  3. What network management features are included with the RuralConnect?
    The RuralConnect ships with a web-based management system, which includes an extensive feature set for high-level diagnostics and network management.
  4. What spares and test equipment are recommended for the RuralConnect?
    Carlson recommends a 1:5 spare ratio, or one spare unit for every five units in use.
  5. Is the RuralConnect field repairable?
    At its current phase in development, the RuralConnect is not field-repairable. Carlson recommends having adequate spares on hand to minimize repair-related downtime.
  6. How are update and upgrades handled?
    Updates and upgrades for the RuralConnect software will be delivered over-the-air through the network-level management system.

General Questions About the RuralConnect

Is there a manual available for the RuralConnect?
Yes, there is a manual available. Please contact a Carlson sales engineer for details.

Is battery back-up available for the RuralConnect?
Yes. Contact a Carlson sales engineer to learn more about power systems for the RuralConnect.

When will the RuralConnect be available for sale?
The RuralConnect is currently available now for sale across all international and domestic markets. To speak to a Carlson sales engineer about ordering the RuralConnect, call us at (707) 822-7000 or send us an email.

Does Carlson offer free trial equipment?
Due to the fast pace of developments in TV white space communications, Carlson is currently unable to offer free trials of the RuralConnect.


More Questions?

We're happy to answer your questions about TV white space. Send us an email, post on our Facebook wall, or tweet us your question on Twitter.

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