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20 Million People in More than 160 Communities Rely on Carlson Radios

Our customers know the power of a Carlson connection. After more than a decade of serving public safety agencies and municipal governments, Carlson has built a reputation for reliability.

Carlson Products for Public Safety

RuralConnect TV WhRCIP_Montageite Space Radio for Rural Communications

RuralConnect is a revolutionary product that brings unmatched wireless connectivity to rural locations where a microwave or Wi-Fi connection is impossible. Utilizing TV White Space, unused channels in the UHF radio band, RuralConnect delivers reliable broadband connectivity where it’s never reached before.

Mission Critical Communication Networks

Emergency Broadband Communications for Rural Communities

TV White Space has the ability to access remote locations, which makes it the ideal solution for rural fire and police stations, medical centers, or tribal communities. This service can not only provide broadband for the community to access, but also telemedicine services for medical centers too far away from the care and specialists they need in times of crisis.

Infrastructure Communications for Developing Nations

In developing regions, a TV White Space network would act as the backbone for public safety communications. It can connect hospitals, government offices, emergency response institutions, and schools for secure public safety, medical, and government communications.


FirstNet is tasked with designing, deploying and maintaining the nation’s first National Public Safety Broadband Network (NPSBN). Its purpose is to “provide emergency responders with the first nationwide, high-speed network dedicated to public safety.” RuralConnect can help to deliver unparalleled coverage, capacity, connectivity, cyber security and resilience to this interoperable public safety broadband network. The non-line-of-sight and far-reaching capabilities of TV White Space will be essential in order to economically build out this type of network in rural America and achieve the total coverage FirstNet requires.

Non-Line-of-Sight Connectivity for Improved Coverage – Even in Rugged Terrain

The need for public safety connectivity doesn’t stop when the terrain is difficult, and neither does RuralConnect. While Wi-Fi has a limited range and can be blocked by walls and other obstacles, the TV White Space UHF signal works around hills, trees, and buildings, providing connectivity to a greater area with minimal equipment and infrastructure. The RuralConnect powers a system to deliver data, monitor electrical devices, operate mobile command centers, stream video from surveillance cameras and more—all in remote, rugged, or forested areas.

Digital Video Surveillance

Ensure the safety of citizens in public parks and downtown areas with a high-speed broadband video surveillance system that covers up to a 12km range (unlicensed in U.S) and is unaffected by foliage and infrastructure.


RuralConnect is available in both point-to-point and point-to-multipoint configurations and can be used to bring a variety of broadband services to rural areas.

Nomadic Data Access

Remove operating expenses associated with carrier data terminals by utilizing TV White Space for pervasive connectivity in patrol vehicles, command units, or other nomadic assets. RuralConnect provides the ability for devices in police or fire vehicles to wirelessly access data from headquarters or other nomadic locations. For public safety needs that do not have the budget or location for 3G connections, this represents a simple and effective solution.

Emergency Response / Disaster relief

When a major catastrophe or natural disaster knocks out your lines of communication, you need something that works quickly and dependably. RuralConnect is affordable, quick to deploy and can cover an area three to five times larger than traditional Wi-Fi with minimal infrastructure. This makes it an essential communication device for a modern Disaster Response Toolkit. In the event of a disaster such as an earthquake or tsunami, you cannot depend on cell towers to remain standing or fiber links to remain connected. Likewise, if power lines are down, Wi-Fi routers will become inoperable. Given the available channels, a cost-effective TV White Space network can be installed quickly while providing broadband connectivity miles around any emergency response center, hospital, or municipal institution where a Base Station is installed.

Secure, Rugged, Reliable

With its low power requirements, RuralConnect is built to operate even when the power is out utilizing solar cells or wind-power sources. Haslock / Atex enclosures are also available to ensure operability in challenging environments. Learn more about TV white-space technology


Trailblazer Series for Simulcast Backhaul & Leased Line Replacement

Whether you need to replace a costly leased line, backhaul portable radioTB-Outdoor-Montages, or extend voice or Ethernet connectivity, Trailblazer is a professional, reliable and affordable solution. The Trailblazer Series uses the 4.9 GHz dedicated licensed band for Public Safety and has made a name for itself working in simulcast systems across the globe. Carlson’s proprietary TrueTDM technology provides for extremely low, fixed latency, making Trailblazer a favorite for simulcastand portable radio backhaul.

Leased Line Replacement

With a Carlson system, emergency personnel can connect their dispatch center to a mountaintop repeater chain, providing private and secure network coverage to public safety cars, mobile and handheld devices. Trailblazer radios can provide a dedicated connection configured with eight leased lines, telephone lines and/or broadband data connections.


The Trailblazer is a purpose-built solution for public safety mountaintop to dispatch communication needs. Using its CDMA process, the Trailblazer can use the same channel as mobile devices over wide geographic areas rather than switching channels. By maximizing channel use, Trailblazer improves efficiency and coverage range.

Emergency Response

Combined with an antenna and a 12-volt or 24-volt battery, the Trailblazer is a fully integrated wireless solution that provides everything needed to set up temporary communications in an emergency. 

Quick Field Repair & Adjustment

Utilizing a modular design and various power configurations, Trailblazer allows you to handle upgrades or repair units in the field without having to dismount a radio, minimizing downtime of your critical network.

Professional-Grade Equipment

Trailblazer is available in a sturdy, indoor rack mount unit or a rock-solid outdoor unit with a NEMA 4X weatherproof enclosure to protect your connection even in the roughest weather.


LongHaul TDM Series for IP Connectivity at Extreme DistancesLH-ST-Montage

While other companies claim their IP radios can go the distance, only LongHaul TDM uses Carlson’s proprietary TrueTDM™ technology, for wireline-quality signals at distances traditional IP radios can’t reach. The LongHaul is also available in the 4.9 GHz dedicated licensed band for public safety.

Extended and Optimized Network Coverage

LongHaul TDM provides wireline-quality connectivity over extreme distances – 60 miles and beyond. Our proprietary SWiFT™ platform, combined with the low latency of TrueTDM, eliminates packet collisions for an optimized connection. This allows for crystal-clear voice communications over your VoIP network.

Telephony Conversion

Many public safety organizations still run on an outdated T1 network. Instead of a costly system overhaul, Carlson offers a telephony conversion product to convert these voice-centric (circuit-switched) T1 telephone networks to data-centric (packet-switched) digital Ethernet networks. By converting T1 to Ethernet and allowing a wireless link, you can transform your network and extend your service range. This system is a cost-effective solution to your interface problem that will provide you with a long distance connection for your upgraded network.

Optional T1/E1 Interface

Now you can backhaul your T1/E1s with all the benefits of Carlson quality, reliability and interoperability. This provides an Ethernet bridge with high throughput rates that don’t degrade over long distances.

Full Compatibility

A LongHaul TDM system is a sound investment with low, fixed latency that makes it fully compatible with existing networks as well as future expansions.


Reliable Tools for Mission-Critical Communications

At Carlson, we understand the complex communication needs of today’s public safety agencies. Our RuralConnect, Trailblazer, and LongHaul radio systems are designed with these needs in mind. Whether you’re building a mission-critical communication network in a remote location, providing video surveillance, replacing a leased line, or backhauling a simulcast system, Carlson Wireless radios provide reliability and consistency you can count on. We can even help you design a customized solution with multiple systems working seamlessly together.

With a Carlson system, you don’t just get a radio—you get the support and dependability of a trusted provider of public safety communications equipment. Below is a list of some of the customers who utilize our systems in their public safety networks.

A & W Communications
A Beep LLC
Alabama Dept. of Public Safety
RDC Communications, Inc.
Communications Group, Inc.
Communication Specialists Comp
County of Monterey, California
Comserv Services, LLC
Comstock Telcom
Comtech Communications Inc.
Federal Aviation Administration
City of Folsom, California
Global Technical Systems
Grace Communications, Inc.
Humboldt County Communications, Nevada
Icom America, Inc.
Industrial Communications Co.
JPJ Electronic Communications
Kent County Sheriff’s Department, Michigan
Larimer County, Colorado

City of Lees Summit, Missouri
Lincoln Land Communications
Logan City Police Department, Utah
M&R Resources
Marcus Communications
Morgan County, West Virginia
Multi-Media Communications
Metro Washington Airports Authority
Owens Communications
Progressive Communications
Radio Communications Co. Inc.
Radio North
Sedona Police Department, Arizona
Township of Sparta, New Jersey
Synchom Limited
Tait Radio Communications
Two Way Communications
Utility Communications
Vasu Communications
Vicom Wireless
Washington Dept. of Natural Resources
Washington Dept. of Transportation