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Integrated Solar Power System 950-7100

Carlson is an industry leader in solar-powered wireless communications. Our Integrated Solar Power System (950-7100) includes: one 125-watt solar panel, two 110-ampere hour batteries, a 20 amp-rated charge controller and a 3R white powder-coated aluminum enclosure.

Our solar power systems are complete, integrated power supplies designed for loads requiring reliable 12 VDC (24 VDC also available).

Save Time, Money and Resources

Each system contains the components necessary for safe and reliable power generation without the need and expense of installing a utility hook-up. Components are pre-sized for most locations to power a single site under most applications.

Plug-and-Play Installation

Carlson's systems are shipped pre-wired and pre-assembled, and installation is as simple as mounting and connecting two wires. Side-of-pole mount design made to fit on Schedule 40 steel pipe. Complete system includes everything for plug-and-play operation out of the box.

Technical Specs

Photovoltaic Panel 125 watt BP-3125 with integrated diodes and polycrystalline cells
Panel Size 27" x 60"
Panel Output (max) 18 Volts x 7.7 Amps
Batteries Advanced Glass Mat rated at 220 ampere hours
(100 hr rate)
Din Rail Mount Citel 6kA lightning arrestor
Circuit Breakers (3) din rail mount 15 A breakers for PV, battery and load protection
Charge Controller SS-20-L Morningstar 20 amp with low voltage disconnect
Enclosure Type 3R white powder coated aluminum,
18"H X 16"W X 14"D
Reserve Capacity 11 days (262 hours w/ 8 watt system with
20% discharge limit)
Weight 320 lbs (145 kg)
Manuf. Warranty 90% of minimum warranted power output over 12 years. 80% of minimum warranted output over 25 years. Free from defects in materials and workmanship for 5 years.

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A Lifetime of Support

At Carlson, we stand behind our products, offering a lifetime of technical support.

In addition to our one-year limited warranty, we also offer affordable extended warranties, including two-yearthree-year and five-year warranties.

Ask your Carlson sales engineer for details.

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