Powerful, Affordable, Reliable, Plug-and-Play. These are just a few of the many
ways to describe Carlson’s wireless microwave and UHF systems. From the
dependability and flexibility of our flagship Trailblazer to the raw speed and
power of our award-winning LongHaul, Carlson products consistently push
the limits of wireless communications. Now with the advent of TV White Space
technology, Carlson is blazing ahead once again with the RuralConnect, one
of the first FCC certified TV White Space devices on the market.




Take advantage of brand-new technology to bring broadband where you need it most, even in hilly or forested areas without line of sight. 

Recently FCC-certified, the RuralConnect uses the newly available TV White Spaces (vacant TV channels) to bring broadband to rural locations where a microwave or Wi-Fi connection is impossible. Nicknamed “Super Wi-Fi”, UHF signal can penetrate environmental barriers providing long-distance coverage.

  • TV White Space for improved coverage: Up to five times the range of Wi-Fi
  • Non-line-of-sight operation: TV signal (UHF) can penetrate structures and foliage, extend far into valleys and weave around hills and other barriers.
  • Learn more about TV White Space 



Trailblazer Series

Rugged, dependable, and easy to deploy, Trailblazer frees you from the expense of leasing lines or burying cable and delivers the wireline quality your operations require. 

Trailblazer offers you a professional, affordable way to replace costly analog leased lines, extend existing phone lines, or expand Ethernet connectivity. Flexible network configurations make the Trailblazer a uniquely adaptable solution for your communication needs.

  • Ultra-low, fixed latency: Thanks to Carlson’s own TrueTDMTM technology, the Trailblazer has extremely low, fixed latency that makes this radio a customer favorite for simulcast and portable radio backhaul.
  • Professional-grade equipment: Trailblazer is available in a sturdy, indoor rackmount unit or a rock-solid outdoor unit with a NEMA 4X weatherproof enclosure that protects your connection even in the roughest weather.
  • Many frequencies available: Frequencies include licensed 4.9 GHz for public safety.



LongHaul TDM

Harness the long-distance capability of Carlson’s TrueTDM protocol for crystal-clear connections and backhaul links you can rely on. 

While other companies claim their IP radios can go the distance, only the LongHaul TDM uses Carlson’s proprietary TrueTDMTM technology for wireline-quality signals at distances IP radios can’t reach – 60 miles and beyond!

  • 100% Compatible: Unique plug-and-play interface makes it compliant with any voter or comparator system so you never have to worry about compatibility issues with your current or future equipment.
  • Optional Interface for T1/E1 Backhaul: Revolutionary SWiFTTM platform allows the LongHaul to operate as a point-to-point IP bridge without the signal degredation of a traditional Wi-Fi connection.
  • Crystal-Clear Connection: The SWiFTTM platform, combined with the low latency of TrueTDMTM eliminates packet collisions for an optimized connection that lets you enjoy carrier-class signal quality without the hassle of wires.



LongHaul ST

Transmit high-quality video and other types of IP data with the unique high-speed/low latency combination of the LongHaul ST. 

With high-speed connection, raw power, and built-in routing tools, LongHaul ST provides everything you need for the most demanding applications. Carlson’s LongHaul ST was voted Hot Product for 2011 by APCO’s Public Safety Communications magazine.

  • High throughput: The ST can transmit at a rate of up to 270 MB/s over the air – ideal for high-definition video and surveillance or backhauling a large IP network.
  • “Daisy-Chain” for Extended Range: With a latency as low as 1ms the ST’s range can be extended infinitely using a daisy-chain configuration without sacrificing performance.
  • Robust Management Interface: the graphical user interface (GUI) allows advanced configurations to meet the specific demands of your network.




Carlson offers antennas, cabling, power supplies, solar kits, battery back-up systems and everything you need to modify your system for your specific application.


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