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Phase 2 of TVWS trial shows promise: UNH BCoE, Stewart Schley, 7/2/2014

White Space Radio Gives New Life to Old Spectrum: Electronic Design, Lou Frenzel, 6/5/2014

18. UNH Broadband Center of Excellence

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12. Urgent Comm

White Space broadband: 10 communities doing big projects: Tech Republic, Lyndsey Gilpin, 3/19/2014

White Space, the next internet disruption: 10 things to know: Tech Republic, Lyndsey Gilpin, 3/12/2014

Shared spectrum: Tell the FCC to keep some wireless spectrum free: San Jose Mercury News, Harold Feld, 3/6/2014

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FCC Learn Workshop to Discuss Unlicensed Spectrum Issues (Video): Federal Communications Commission (FCC), 11/8/2013
Tertiary Education Network hails success of TV White Spaces’ trial: BusinessDay Live, Paul Vecchiatto, 11/8/2013
White Spaces: Telecom Reseller, Kiely Cronin, 10/23/2013

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Google to Fund, Develop Wireless Networks in Emerging Markets: The Wall Street Journal, Amir Efrati, 5/24/2013

Interest in dynamic spectrum sharing seems to be increasing: IWCE’s Urgent Communications, Glenn Bischoff, 5/30/2013

‘Dial-up’ Internet an endangered species in Thurman: Denton Publications, Kathy Templeton, 4/21/2013

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TV White Spaces trial launches in South Africa: Google Blog, Fortune Mgwili-Sibanda, 3/25/2013

On the leading edge of rural connectivity: Capacity Magazine, Robert Anderson, 9/2012

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Unlicensed Spectrum will Drive Innovation: Electronic Design, Sally Ward-Foxton, 4/9/2012

12. Urgent Comm

19. Electronic Design

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Evidence Mounts for using White Spaces for Rural Broadband: IWCE’s Urgent Communications, Glenn Bischoff, 3/29/2012
FCC set to trial first database for Super Wi-Fi: GigaOm, Stacey Higgenbotham, 9/14/2011


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TV-band Wireless Extends Tribal Internet Service: Above Ground Level, Kim Miyade 7/2011

Yurok Tribe Deploys Public Safety Line Through New White Space TechnologyAPCO – Public Safety Communications, orig. Eureka Times Standard, 6/4/2011

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A Broadband Boom in the Boondocks: MIT Technology Review, Scott Wooley, 2/8/2011

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‘White Space’ Super Wi-Fi Coming Soon: Forbes, Elizabeth Woyke, 1/25/ 2011

What Is “Super Wi-Fi”?: Gizmodo, Brian Barrett, 9/23/2010

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Broadband Important for Rural Areas, Groups Say: PC World, Grant Gross, 6/17/2009